AI – It Can Help Solve Real World Trucking Challenges

Artificial IntelligenceToday I read a great article concerning AI (artificial intelligence) and how its being used to solve real world Trucking challenges. One way AI can help is its ability to manage large amounts of data from many different sources in a very efficient manner. The large benefit here, is the administrative cost savings, by not having to add staff to perform the data analysis. The analysis gets accomplished and can be refined over time.

Another big area for AI is matching trucks to the correct load. This improves network economics, optimizes driver income and will choose the correct driver based on maximizing productivity. Most advanced TMS systems have algorithm’s that address this.

An algorithm is a set of self contained sequence of instructions or actions that contains finite space or sequence and that will give us a result to a specific problem in a finite amount of time.

It is a logical and mathematical approach to solve or crack a problem using any possible method. If the algorithm is an optimizer, time to solve the problem will be a factor to consider.

Knowing how the algorithm works and what is important to how it calculates a solution is of vital importance. You cannot rely on what you thought should have happened. You must invest time and many iterations to adjust the parameters settings of the algorithm to refine and produce better results. Management must understand that these iterations take time and do not happen quickly.

AI can also be used in the sales area and recruiting area. Please take a look at this article, it provides valuable insight.